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Stuck [16 Dec 2005|12:07pm]
Wanted to leave a message here when I have a chance to let everyone know that I will be stuck without a net connection till about january first, next month. It sucks I know, but I wanna make sure my RP buds know where I am. Things are going okay, just I got no net, so i'll be anxious to come back when I get my problem sorted out. Love you guys.
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[10 Nov 2005|04:22pm]
Imagine yourself in a forest or a jungle now.....

1) What is the first animal you see?


2) What is the second animal you see?


Imagine now there is a hut in front of you....

3) Do you :

a) Bypass it

b) Knock before going in

c) Rush in.


Now imagine yourself in the hut....

4) There are 20 candles in it, how many will you light up?


5) What is the shape of the table that you think is in the hut?
Is it square or round?


6) How many chairs do you see around the table?


7) There is also a jug in this hut. What do you think the material of this jug is?


8) State the amount of water in it?

Half full

a) no water

b) 1/2 full

c) 3/4 full

d) totally full.

Now imagine that you are out of the hut...

9) You have reach a beautiful waterfall. How fast do you think is the speed of the waterfall? (1-9) (1 is the slowest and 9 is the fastest)


10) How many swans are there that you see near the waterfall?


11) Now you have reach the river bank and your destination is just opposite. How do you go over?

a) jump into the river and swim across.

b) find another way to cross it.


12) What are the first words that you will say when you get over?

Son of a bitch


13) Give 3 words to describe the sky.

Light, Cloudy, Cold.

14) And give 3 words to describe the sea.

Churning, Icy, Dark.


1) This question symbolizes the "reflection of your life".

2) This question symbolizes the "character of your life partner".

3) a) bypass means "not ready for relationships"

b) knock before going in means "ready for relationships"

c) Rush in means "you are desperate"

4) This question means "your generosity....the more you light up, the more generous you are"

5) If you have a square table this means that you are "stubborn", if you have a round table this means that you are "flexible"

6) This actually shows your "hospitality". The more the better!

7) Depends on what you say, this refers to the "material of your heart"

8) This refers to the "amount of love that you will give to your partner"

9) Speed actually refers to your "sex drive"

10) The number of swans, refer to the "number of best friends you have"

11) a) This means "that you act without thinking"

b) This means "that you think before you act"

12) This refers to the "first words you will say on your wedding night"

13) This 3 words describe "your point of view to love"

14) This 3 words describe "the sounds or kind of love-making you will have"
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[26 Oct 2005|08:27am]
Recently begun using this journal to RP on a game me and a few others have made, and didn't get a seperate journal, cuz i'm a lazy bum. So I realize this may make me retarded, since now my RP posts will show up in peoples friends view, so i'm getting a seperate journal now, sorry for any gayness I might have caused. ;p
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[26 Sep 2005|11:30pm]
You Are A: Kitten!

kitty catCute as can be, kittens are playful, mischevious, and ever-curious. Like you, kittens hate getting wet. Kittens are often loving, but are known to scratch or bite when annoyed. These adorable animals are the most popular pets in the United States--37% of American households have at least one cat. Whether it is your gentle purr or your disarming appearance, you make a wonderful kitten.

You were almost a: Puppy or a Bear Cub
You are least like a: Squirrel or a ChipmunkWhat Cute Animal Are You?
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[23 Sep 2005|11:56am]

LJ Interests meme results

  1. castlevania:
    Played castlevania since I was a flea (young) with CV2. And then Super Castlevania with CV4, then even when everyone was playing Yoshi's story I still had Dracula X. XD Now that i'm older I take to calling the series Akumajo Dracula like it should be, but eh, CVs alot easier to type, too..
  2. digimon:
    Yeah this is something i'm kinda hesitant to tell people. I remember I bought the first edition of the Hellsing manga along with the first edition of the Digimon Tamers manga and the lady at the counter made fun of me. heh. But its been something i've immersed myself in since I seen it, which was late 1999.
  3. music:
    I have strange varied tastes in music. I like goth stuff, old stuff, it really depends. The doors, probably since they were like the Type O Negative of the 70s. (underated, and wierd) Metallica, cuz they USED to put out good music... Mostly stick to video game stuff these days, since games have been a part of my life since day one anyway.
  4. novels:
    I find myself getting into english authors alot. Like Terry Pratchett, Eric Flint, that sort of thing. Oh yeah, if Harry Potter disappeared yesterday, I wouldn't notice. At_ALL. That can show ya what I think about that. ;p
  5. occult.:
    Well, my old lady dressed me up as Dracula for my first halloween. Big mistake on her part, maybe? I've been a perverted little vamp fan since.
  6. persona:
    Interesting little game series that I played when it first came out in north america. Then, I bought the second one, Eternal Punishment. When I was birthed onto the internet, I found out the real scoop on these games, and that they belonged to a much older series, Shin Megami Tensai. Very fun game, very oldskool, just my type...
  7. resident evil:
    Well, I guess I like all morbid things in general. Played the very first one, got hooked, never looked back. I play RE Outbreak Online these days, my SN on there is just OutlawTorn if anyone plays on it. XD
  8. silent hill:
    Prolly the first game to ever scare me honestly. The first one is god, and will scare you shitless. (I know people who still can't play the first one all the way through) Haven't played the 4th one, but I dunno how that one will be.
  9. vampire hunter d:
    When I was still a flea this came on TNT special feature, since they still had them then. I remember it amazed the shit out of me, in a silent mesmerized sort of way. Followed the it to the second movie, now own the translated first novel. I hope it does well enough so they translate and print all of them.
  10. video-games:
    This is kind of a given for me. When my brothers would all be off at high school, i'd be home with my mom playing stuff like dragon warrior, CV simons quest, Link, Zelda, that sort of happy shit. And of course, Final Fantasy 1.

Enter your LJ user name, and 10 interests will be selected from your interest list.

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[12 Sep 2005|09:14pm]
Just tonight I realized i've probably spoken with individuals from every country and ethnic background. Greek, Russian, German, Chinese, Malaysian... (those dudes are WIERD.)

Took a break from watching Nosferatu (silent film) to eat and got caught on msn talking to people...

Z=ZK, pourtoguese gentleman
Fuzzy Hand-Cuffs=me, Massachusetts denizen

Z says:
Hi buddy!
Fuzzy Hand-Cuffs says:
sup dood
Z says:
Sorry? ^^;
Fuzzy Hand-Cuffs says:
how are you
Z says:
I´m fine! ^^ And you?
Fuzzy Hand-Cuffs says:
i'm doin good
Z says:
Great! ^^ Look, I remember you wrote that you are living on the seaside... you had no prob with tempests, uhn?
Fuzzy Hand-Cuffs says:
no storms up north
Fuzzy Hand-Cuffs says:
just down south, where everyone died
Z says:
Aw, ok
Fuzzy Hand-Cuffs says:
yeah katrina blew everyone away
Z says:
And this tragedy was warned long ago...
Fuzzy Hand-Cuffs says:
yeah, but people don't care
Fuzzy Hand-Cuffs says:
so now rats are eatin em
Z says:
Z says:
People here say that is better evacuate New Orleans for good
Z says:
and build a new city anywhere
Fuzzy Hand-Cuffs says:
that would be a good idea, but then where would all the fat voodoo ladies go?
Z says:
Z says:
that´s the question...
Z says:
to not say all Cajun guys and jazz sax players...
Fuzzy Hand-Cuffs says:
yeah, we need some people with the accents to still be around
Fuzzy Hand-Cuffs says:
so we are reminded of gambit, from the X-man
Fuzzy Hand-Cuffs says:
Z says:
Yeah, buddy...
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[28 Aug 2005|06:19pm]
Whoo hoo, another Hurricane is hitting the south! You'd think the people who live down there would just move away or something, I mean its only every couple months we got houses floating around down there like in the wizard of oz. Of course, worse possible time since everyones gonna be back home for school, and all. Haven't done much coloring or anything wise lately, my DA account is going unused, heh.

Heard something that bothered me on a comcast commercial. (We get comkast cable here at my aunts pad) they pronounced Mcafee (as in Mcafee antivirus) like "Macafee" like it wasn't an irish name. Damn racist cable company. :P

Also been playing alot of Shin Megami Tensei, if anyone knows this series, give a shout out, its certainly special.
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[12 Aug 2005|04:59pm]
Still haven't got to any coloring, very bad of me, but i've been swamped with all kinds of stuff during the last few days. Well, make that quite a few days as I haven't written here in nearly a week, or more. @@;

Bird watchers digest hosts article about bird being... digested.


My friend Magnus actually told me that there were Preying Mantis' around the home he lived in near the rain forest. Over about a foot tall and could run, and most certainly harm a human. I thought it was pretty cool.
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[04 Aug 2005|10:03pm]
Well, things are doing better lately, finally. Coloring wise too, since i've been leeching a copy of Corel Painter from P2P for the last couple of days, and hopefully that solves my water color problem. Also been listening to some killer mario related music, courtesy of http://dod.vgmix.com/ love those guys...

Basically spending my time in the mean time getting some roleplaying done on greatest journal and on the RL side, doing chores around my aunts house. Schools in september, so nows not the best time to look for work, she decided. Which is fine with me, heh. Doing dishes is alot better than feeling like a parasite. Specially when my nearing 30 years old cousin Richie hardly works and doesn't do chores like that. Thats a whole different story, though.

Also thought about using LJ to post works in progress should I choose to write stuff again. I used to be a fanfiction author, before I chose to learn other trades such as CG rendering, ect. Or I might just post stuff for my friend Izzy, either way.
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[29 Jul 2005|03:37pm]
Stayed up to 5 AM playing Outbreak 1 on my cousins PS2. Damn, I need to get the new edition of that... While being groggy, I wonder if theres any program that can do water colors well, since Corel Photo Paint seems to be torture to navigate. Been thinking I should try that, since my coloring work lately is lacking... sophistication, in my eyes. Photoshop only has so many brushes, so its a bit limiting when it comes to that. I did try searching for just "painter" on kazaa, as I know of a program called that, but found nothing. Stupid kazaa.

You know whats funny? meeting people on messenger and having them not wanting to divulge information about their gender. Like you can't tell from their name and they'd rather not say. So you have to go around calling them "it" and stuff. Not that I don't like the guy, or girl, or sentient plantlife, whatever he/she/it is, but its a humorous situation not being able to use gender-specific pronouns when in reference to them.
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[28 Jul 2005|08:35pm]
Kind of on a philosophical note tonight, since i'm not really sure what else to concentrate on. I have this problem alot where fangirls who I don't even know get pissed off at me. It's usually "my RL life sucks and I can't fit into these clothes I need for work" and then "omg lets beat on this person because *I CAN*" Which is great and all, just not for me. I'll probably never really understand how their minds work, but I do know it is quite frustrating.

"My ass is too big! lets talk shit about a complete stranger!" Which is actually quite humorous when I remember that most of these chicks only weigh about TEN THOUSAND POUNDS. They're gonna die by breaking the cables on elevators. To which I will laugh and collect the bloody-goo smeared cat ears which once adorned their heads.

Now, granted, I've known alot of nice people who were fat, but I dunno, I kind of lose pity for some folks. Then I rememeber i'll probably never understand, I only eat about an ounce of food some days, when no one cooks, heh. Might be human nature to find differences in a person to back up a dislike or something like that, I guess.
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[26 Jul 2005|11:48am]
Cable was out for a day, so we had to spend a little camping trip without TV or internet at my place yesterday. Am sorry I missed ya Griff on aim, I know you had a day off, but I couldn't change the thing with the cable. ^^; Did help with the creative energy though, since there was nothing else to do. Cleaned up a piece of line art, started on a coloring, and created this.


Made the silhouette from the Amano art of him, though not sure the color looks alright... Had fun making it, though.
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[24 Jul 2005|01:10am]
Experimenting with some new windows themes and winamp skins today, courtesy of...


One of the regulars over at CV fanfic runs it, it seems. Really cool place, I like my new FF6 world of balance windows theme.

Also considering downloading FF9 on emulator from http://www.emuparadise.org but not sure my comp can handle it. My machine is sorta a piece of junk.
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[22 Jul 2005|09:49pm]
Heat has died down for the day, so I can think a bit more clearly. Well, that and I just snacked down two blueberry popsicles which I forgot work so well for you in this kind of heat...

Anyway, I found some cool stuff.


This is a resident evil fan site. Now, I personally hardly ever see the words "Resident Evil" and "Fan" in the same sentence, since Biohazard/Resident Evil's fandom is substantially weaker than say, Castlevania. Which is pretty bad too, since Castlevania freaks are somewhat hard to find, well, till they started releasing the new games, anyway.

This site has rare information as well as media and even comics (well drawn too) as well as a link section which brings us to the next site.


This is one of those spiffy well designed multi-series horror game websites. It caters to RE foremost, however. It covers games I haven't even played in the RE series, such as dead aim. The real nice thing about this site is the overly complete media sections, which include all the games different OSTs. First time i've got to hear the Biohazard Orchestra album, ever. Also multiple different versions of the Silent Hill osts too, very complete. Even got the dawn of the dead soundtrack off there. (70s version, tribue to Romero.)

Now, nice to download, but I hope the selections don't get taken advantage of like what happens to so many other media sites...
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[22 Jul 2005|03:54pm]
Heat's drained all the life out of me lately. Just sit there and sweat cuz theres no AC and stuff. Well, in my room anyway. I've needed to color, write, but the energy to do it is just not there.

I've had so many people (mostly from LJ) drill it into me that Real life friendships are so much more important than say, ones that are online. Well, recently i've seen one of those multi-year RL friendships sour and crumble, quite badly. Now I wonder, if those people who made me feel like a insecure geek because I take online friendships seriously are truly correct. I mean, its not like people in real life have similar problems to those online... oh wait!

Probably just rambling thoughts, I don't know.
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[20 Jul 2005|10:34am]
I guess its a sin I had neglected the LJ thing for two days, but i've seen people go for much longer without doing it, I think... Either case, it's been hotter than hell around here lately. Say, instant melting type hot. I don't think my computers internal fan can withstand the heat of midday, since it's locked up once because of it. This happens right while i'm finishing cleaning a piece of line art in photoshop, of course... course it does. Typically, I had a fit, but not too bad, since going down into the air conditioned living room was a better idea. That reminds me, I need some cereal.
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[17 Jul 2005|05:13pm]
Is it just me, or is the majority of the fangirl population cacooned somewhere reading the new harry potter novel? To emerge and spread their wings with flights of fanfiction, oh yes.
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[17 Jul 2005|12:25pm]
Heat is starting to pick up again, probably a good thing they're installing an above ground pool in the backyard. I remember sitting at my desk trying to listen to music and the contracters out back doing 360s in the dirt with the bobcat they brought along. (Bobcat, those mini bulldozer things you ride around on.) Those guys really do work fast, though. Pool's already been set up, from what I understand, now it just needs water.

Been thinking about making a parody of my own of that Ipod advertisment. Couple friends of mine on DA have taken their characters and made gags in the style of those. Silhouette wearing the headphones. Thought it might be a fun idea to try with an FF character, though not going to tell who, yet.

To my delight, I did in fact find an active castlevania community.


Mostly slash, course, but there is some pretty decent writing to be found, from what i've seen. I'm mostly glad theres actually an active castlevania com, at all really. There is another one on there, but not as active as it could be. Either way, glad to see CV is still being represented. Represent! *holds fist into the air*
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[16 Jul 2005|09:57am]
I suspect when one begins having dreams about seeing people on aim, then one must think carefully. Although, having dreams about the various things I read and games I play are probably worse. I rarely have the things, dreams, but when I do they're usually nightmares. Why can't I have more dreams where I get to put guns to the foreheads of people I don't like? Or something more... adult. Yeah, I get stuck with seeing peoples aim names on my trillian list in a ghostly fashion. Maybe its because I don't exactly dwell on the thought of taking revenge on people, or more intimate things. Damn my reserved personality.

On a less eerie note, I got a chance to listen to the Hellsing OST last night. I do like the opening theme, "world without logos" but discovered something interesting.


The lyrics are sung by a japanese singer, PHONETICALLY. I had thought it was just an english actor singing badly, or slurred. If you look at the lyrics, you'll see its actually quite engrish. Still, can't get over how the word "Revlofantasy" can sound in a more dreamy acid inspired context. Maybe the writer was trying to say something like "Revolfantasy"? First part for revolver and... Or maybe not. If anyone wants to hear this stuff, just put "Hellsing OST" into google. Some dudes webspace has both albums.

Fav track? "Overly denotational dishonest road." Played in the first ep when Seras is trying to tend to her wounded teammates. Quite sardonic how they placed it there... Since shes running around freaking out trying to administer first aid, and they play that music. I'd laugh if it wasn't cruel.

Briefly wondering if Castlevania coms actually exist on livejournal. Heres hoping.
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[15 Jul 2005|08:23am]
Up early again. As my friend Tina may know, I awake at the crack of dawn usually. Right now i'm up to about 7-8ish since I was tired of needing to go asleep at 3-6 in the afternoon from such a schedule.

I'm reminded of a fellow named Sean who used to sit with the same tutor I had in school, Karen. This kid loved making jokes. But when he talked about things seriously, they came across with greater impact since he was usually was the kind to make fun of a situation. I remember once he talked about the more nastier areas of the city we lived in, which was Brockton.

Be lying there, around 6 'o clock in the morning and... pop pop the soft firecracker sound a nine-millimeter makes, (that is what they sound like.)

And hey, theres your wake up call! time to get outta bed!

This made me laugh to no end. It was true, but the way you can present something sometimes can make even something as macabre as that, funny.

As with many of the students who went to the school I did, Sean wasn't given the luxury of decent parenting. He wasn't neccessarily nasty or even an asshole, but he did get into a lot of gang-related problems. Most of the others at my school just had bad parents, you don't know how many adults just don't care. Sean was different though, his parents were dead, I had heard. He also lied about where he said he'd come from, which was Salem. What was in the books at the school was not that, though. Not sure myself if I remember.

Maybe I should start posting artwork and things on this journal, I do have a DA, but i've seen people use LJ for just about everything.

*holds flashlight up to face* gather round kiddies, uncle Peter's gonna tell ya bout the time he RPed on the FH rpg! Muhahaha!

Oh yeah, that'd make for a good enough horror tale. Original chars with kinetic power, which were mostly comprised of sadistic japanese women. (what is that thing with all OCs having to be japanese??) And they used dice on that rpg. Oooh, that was fun, lemme tell ya bout that. When they had to determine wether a char won a fight or escaped from some type of rather un-appealing situation, such as taking down an NPC goon (they did dice rolls even for canon chars against one npc guard, yes!) then they'd match wits with dice. It would go like this: The mods would use a online dice rolling program, and roll two 6 sided dice for one char, and another two for the other. Whomever beat the other one out and got a higher score won, basically, which meant beating the other char up or whatever.

Now, obviously original characters that can erect kinetic barriers around themselves to block anything and attack you psychicly from meters away might have gotten some of us a bit... intimidated. I remember sitting there with my friend Rohan like, "dude what are we going to do?!" to which he'd respond with something like, "Fire, and lots of it."

Granted, i've never come across another rpg like this since taking off from there, maybe that tells me something. I've never really talked about this stuff, I guess now was a good time, might prove for some entertainment value.
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